What really makes ParvoBusters different and how do we stand out?

It is a fact that you can search the Internet to find out about Parvo and there will not be a shortage of sites offering all kinds of info on the subject. The key for you is, just how accurate, reliable, and timely is that info?

We’ve looked at many other sites offering info, advice, and other resources. We’ve found that most sites offer info that is basically useless. Those sites are stuck in the past still talking about the same old rehashed methods from the 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s. Just look at the dates of their materials, which will give you a clue as to the age.

Parvo is now on its 5th variation. That means Parvo is constantly evolving and mutating. So why are there so many so-called experts still talking about what worked in the 70′s? It is clear that they really don’t understand what happens when a virus evolves.

When a virus evolves it is learning, finding more ways to stay alive, and acquiring more tools to provide better and stronger defenses against attacks from environmental changes to man-made substances such as antibiotics and/or vaccinations.

When Parvo first appeared in the 70′s, it did take folks by surprise and many animals lost their lives. Since then, the use of antibiotics to help counter this virus and its effects have been overused, as is usually the case, and consequently the variants of this virus have figured out how to counteract antibiotics and easily defeats Parvo vaccines.

Today’s Parvo cannot be killed with extreme temperatures: freezing or boiling, does not get rid of it.

Today’s Parvo is very contagious, spreads easily, infecting much more dogs than ever before, and can now even infect cats in the form of Feline Distemper.

So, if you have all of these new problems with this virus, why in the heck are you still talking about solutions that may have worked 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago? What is the point of that? Parvo has evolved and so should you – that is if you want to have any sort of chance at beating him at his own game.

The ParvoBuster team makes it a point to do research regularly. We have dealt with 5,997 cases of Parvo in the last couple of years so we are on the front lines. We see the changes that have occurred just in the last few months. When we help with active Parvo cases, we provide a comprehensive set of Parvo Home Remedies. We have had to refine our action plan several times to respond to the virus’ growing threat levels.

This kind of response only happens when people such as us are actively dealing with this problem. Other folks that are just sitting around talking about irrelevant solutions from years past are doing nothing to help with the current crises.

Do yourself a favor. Seek information from people who are actively dealing with this problem, i.e. people on the front lines. People that are just rehashing stuff will not be an effective source when it comes down to the wire.

If your dog is sick then you need an effective Parvo Treatment Plan. You do not need to spin your wheels wasting valuable time on useless irrelevant drivel.

If you do happen to have some time on your hands, then download our FREE Parvo Treatment 101 Guide, which will help you understand more about this animal-killing virus.

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