Parvo Busters, who are they and what is all about?

We are a small NPO operating under our parent company, Friends Of The Planet, Inc. (organic solutions, green/planet-friendly products, renewable energy sources, etc.). We research organic (chemical-free) products to help solve many of the toughest problems.

ParvoBuster came about when we were looking for ways to save animals, in particular dogs, from unnecessary pain or suffering. We always wanted to work in an area where we could do something positive for animals.

We’ve rescued several dogs and for a while did dog fostering until homes could be found. This was very difficult as it is hard to adopt these dogs when you’ve begun to bond with them. So this, coupled with the fact that we could easily end up with hundreds of dogs, made up our minds that our skills and talents could be utilized in a more productive manner.

We searched the Internet for a solution and we came across a couple of products that claimed to help treat the Canine Parvovirus. This looked very promising as it turned out in the late 90′s we had three of our then five Chihuahuas come down with Parvo, one after another.

At that time, there were no alternative Parvo treatments readily available so we had to take each pup to the vet. In 1997-1998, it cost us over $700 USD to treat all three of them. We thought that was expensive, but there was no other choice and we would have not then or now even contemplated euthanasia as an option. We were very fortunate in that we saved them and they made a full recovery.

After having gone through that nightmarish ordeal, we felt very excited to have found a home treatment for Parvo, as the vet’s treatment for Parvo has skyrocketed – today, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 USD to over $10,000 USD, per dog! We’ve heard that people are expected to pay thousands for each dog, make large up-front payments, and settle a big bill promptly, i.e. be prepared to write a blank check. Otherwise the vet will strongly push for euthanasia when people cannot afford to spend four or five thousand in vet hospital bills.

This is very sad to hear when people have such bleak choices presented to them.

Well, we found two products that claimed to treat Parvo: the first one we found was ParvoGuard, which was a big disappointment, and we will soon have a detailed report of our findings for this product and the company behind it; now the other product that we found was Parvaid.

What a big difference! Long-story-short, we began to write about this herbal product and have sold it on our site for some time now.

We’ve dealt with 5,997 cases of the Parvovirus and just in the span of a couple of years, we’ve seen this virus mutate and become harder and harder to cope with.

In times past, just a few years ago, Parvaid was more than enough to get your dog back on his feet.

Next, we had to pair this product with an herbal antibiotic/anti-parasitic called Vibactra Plus, and this worked well for a short while.

We then had to package a third herbal product, Life Cell Immune Support (immune system booster and de-tox agent), and since many Parvo dogs have a fever, we also had to start including a doggie fever and pain reducer, Doggie Pain Relief.

Just when we thought that was enough, we found that many dogs also experience inflammation in their intestines, so yet another product is necessary to deal with that, Adizone (for cats, you must use a special formulation just for their delicate systems: Adizone-C).

That means today’s Parvo is a much more aggressive virus that requires a counter-attack on multiple fronts in order to have a decent chance to heal your dogs.

Parvo is continuing to evolve, and so must we.

This is why we spend a lot of time researching and refining our Parvo game plan. You will find lots of sites that are still talking about protocols that worked 5 years ago (or more). The Parvo of the 70′s, 80′, and 90′s was bad, but it pales by comparison to the new strains, such as the 2c Strain.

If you are gathering info, that is excellent, please grab your FREE copy of our Parvo Treatment 101 ebook. You can download it to your computer in a few minutes. It has a wealth of knowledge that will give you a real education on the Canine Parvovirus.

Now, if you are in the unfortunate situation to have a dog showing ANY of the classic symptomsSymptoms of Canine Parvovirus: not eating, not drinking, vomit (often starting as an off-white mucus, turning later on to a yellow frothy vomit), diarrhea (normally foul-smelling and frequently bloody), dehydration, lethargy, lack of playfulness, depression and fever., then time is definitely against you. Please visit our sister site to get help with at home Parvo treatment options.