We here at ParvoBusters have long warned dog owners about the potential dangers with chicken and other poultry (e.g. turkey), not to mention eggs of course, especially where the dog is already sick (e.g. with Parvo) or has a weak immune system (e.g. because of recent vaccinations).

So it was hardly surprising to us when we read a report a day or two ago about chicken jerky treats being implicated in the death of a dog in the Chicago area:


But this wasn’t just any old chicken jerky treats – no, they were made in China, a country known for its less-than-diligent attention to dog food hygiene. For example, remember all those dog food recalls from 2007-2008 when melamine was found in many brands of popular dog foods? Well, guess where that problem originated!

The above report states that the exact cause of the dog in question’s death remains unknown, although we wouldn’t be surprised to find that the culprit is some form of bacterial infection such as Campylobacter, which can be even worse than Parvo in some cases.

So, we strongly recommend that you do NOT take any risks with your own pets and stay away from these chicken jerky dog treats. In fact, you should check very carefully to see just where your dog food and treats were made, and if you discover they came from China, find a different brand NOW, before it’s too late, as you never know what nasty substances you might be feeding your pet.

The problem is that many cheap, mass-market commercial dog foods (and treats) contain all sorts of problem ingredients, including known allergens such as wheat, soy, and corn, which are hard for dogs to digest, fillers that provide little or no nutrients, dangerous chemicals and other items that you wouldn’t believe.

And it’s not only the ones made in China either.

Check out this video, if you have the stomach for it, and you’ll see just what we mean:

Remember, if there are poisons in the food or treats you give your dog, he is ingesting those every single day, and the effect of those toxins is cumulative. The chemicals will not only weaken his immune system (making him more likely to succumb to any number of diseases, including Parvo), but also cause both short- and long-term problems that include chronic inflammation and cancer (which is affecting more and more dogs at an ever younger age these days).

Oh, and by the way, if you want to know what food we give to our dogs, then check out the Triumph Dog Food site: it’s made in the USA from wholesome, nutritious ingredients, there are no chemicals, no useless fillers, and no unmentionable items that have no business belonging in any food, regardless of who it’s intended for. (For cats, we recommend: Triumph Cat Food.)

And note too that we also only use the Lamb & Brown Rice formula – we deliberately stay away from chicken-based foods because you can’t be too careful when it comes to poultry products. (We know of one case where a brand new bag of chicken-flavoured dog food, bought from the store, was already infected with Campylobacter.)

Remember, ParvoBuster is not only here to help you through a Parvo crisis, with our safe, affordable, natural, effective home Parvo Treatment Kits, but also to offer you the best advice we can to help you make sure your pets stay healthy at all times.